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London MCM May 2015 Recap

Last month saw the return of the London MCM Comic Con in its usual place at the London Excel centre. Growing year after year MCM has almost taken over the entire length of the Excel centre, with most of the halls being used by the event.


Otaku Nation UK Episode 55 – Back from MCM May Expo

(Original recording 28th May 2015)   This week we watched: Kekkai Sensen Show By Rock We also talk about Aisha and Harriett’s time at the May MCM Expo, the theft of the Splatoon van in the UK and female footballers finally in the next FIFA game http://media.blubrry.


Otaku Nation Episode 54 – That’s Amore <3

(Original recording 14th May 2015)   This week we watched: Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold My Love Story We also talk about Nintendo, breaking news of Grandia II heading to Steam, new Assassin’s Creed & the upcoming MCM Expo http://media.blubrry.


Review: Otorimonogatari

Following on with the Monogatari series, Otorimonogatari revolves around Nadeko, a shy girl that with friends with Koyomi Araragi’s younger sisters.  She first appeared in the first season (Bakemonogatari) with the snake spirit taking over her body and close to death at one point.


Otaku Nation Episode 53 – The End of Silent Hills

(Original recording 28th April 2015)   This week we watched: Wish Upon the Pleiades Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma We also talk about the cancellation of Silent Hills, the 4th (and maybe final) Five Night’s At Freddy’s game and Aisha & Harriett talk about the NSG Hangout event http://media.blubrry.

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