In Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, it was a really exciting to be able to see this game up close and better yet play it after watching the amazing footage online. At Arc System Works’ TGS Booth, two recently announced new characters, Sin Kiske and Elephelt, were playable for the first time since being added to the roster. If you’re familiar with the guilty gear series, Sin’s surname might make you think that he is related to Ky Kiske, He is actually his son. There is no info on his mysterious eye patch over his right eye. He is the target of the antagonist Valentine and Elphelt has an obsession with marrying him and often tries to get him to sign a marriage certificate. I loved playing as Elphelt as her weapon of choice is guns, she can fend you off with her sniper shot or inflict heavy damage at the end of the fight with her shotgun.

The animation is amazing and it retains the 2D anime charm and style while using 3D models for the characters. We also have slow motion zooms into the special sequences and ending moves. The opening sequences to the fights and endings go into full anime sequences with Japanese audio and subtitles with crisp graphics. The fighting is similar to that of most 2D games using typical quarter and half circle rotations along combined button sequences to preform different moves. From this game is for avid fighting game enthusiasts, people who like rock music and anime fans.