Unity, the multi-platform game engine that’s been finding its way into more and more games these days, revealed their official anime character mascot, Unity-Chan on their Japan site late last year. Shortly after the announcement, Unity provided the character and animation files for Unity-Chan on the official webpage for anyone with a computer and a Unity installation to tinker with. Now, Unity Japan have begun promoting their upcoming Game Jam featuring Unity-Chan as the theme of the event. Many game-jams pop up around the calendar both large and small, but this is probably one of the first I’ve heard of a game engine developer running a game jam centered around their own mascot character.


The game jam will be from June 14-15th over a 30 hour period. Game jams are a great way to spur on creativity and innovation from developers both experienced and those taking their first steps into the world of making games. Participants that are able to attend one of the main venues in Japan for the Unity-Chan game game will also be able to pick up a special T-shirt and sticker set to commemorate the event. It should be interesting to see what comes out of the 30 hour event and if many people from the japanese indie / doujin dev scene participate in the event.

Via Unity-Chan