The award winning PC game Kromaia from Rising Star Games and Kraken Empire has been released on steam available for download for $14.99 – €11,24 – £8.99.

Kromaia is an immersive journey that mixes technology and myth for an innovative gameplay experience. A unique style of game play has been introduced by Kromaia to bring new life to the FPS genre.  Providing players the freedom of 360˚ freedom to fly, spin, and shoot changes the traditional style of arcade shooters significantly.  The smart adaptive AI creates a special kind of emergent game play where enemy speed, formation and attack style changes over time based on the player’s behavior.  Combine this with several ultra-maneuverable Armors (pilot-able ships/vessels), all with different attributes, and a wide range of ancient, alien worlds to explore, and you’ve got a game that changes the genre forever.

The game introduces several modes such as Story, Score attack and Time battle to challenge the player.  The game is also mod-able for those who love modding games using XML.  The levels, objects, weapons and AI can all be modded to how the player feels.  This allows new creativity and game play style for everyone.

To find out more about the game visit the steam website: