With Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment coming to Europe and Australia on 20th August.  Special news has been announced Bandai Namco that a free DLC costume download will be available for all customers who purchase the game on the PSN until November 2014.  The DLC pack will include a wedding dress, dress shirt, nightie and school swim suits for all the heroines.


To addition to this; on September 23rd, a major patch update will be available for players to download to extend their thrilling experience.  The free update will contain a level cap boost from 200 to 250, 50 new Hollow Fragment and heroine quests.  New bosses, Weapons, Armour, Areas and many more will be available in this patch update.


So prepare to play one of the most anticipated game on the Vita this year coming soon on 20th August.  The game will display epic and breath taking moments that will occur after floor 75th (after the anime)  which involves a new storyline which revolves around the laughing coffin.  You’ll be adventuring as Kirito and interacting with key characters to battle all the way to the top of the tower.

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