It’s the age of dinosaur and man but all is not well in this seemingly small Jurassic universe. The harmony of your tribe has been destroyed and it’s up to you and your dinosaur rearing skills to create a new tribe filled with a variety of prehistoric friends with DroidHen’s marvellous little dinosaur park game.

You’ll start with a small plot of Jurassic land and a central base. The tutorial will whisk you through the basics of collecting resources like Fodder (hay) and Stone. With these you can start to harvest and mine resources in sections of time; 1 minute, 30 minutes, 2 hours and 8 hours. These different times carry different amounts of resources, if you’re out for a while just knock it up to 8 hours or a smaller amount if you fancy getting stuck right in for a while. You can also harvest meat, these are the three main resources you can harvest and you can create multiple buildings for better production when you hit the right level.

After your finger has had a little wander around your plot of land you’ll get to work on the best bit about Dinosaur Wars and that’s the dinosaurs! The first hatchery you’ll build is the Colossal Egg Nest which spits out little beaky Gastornis’s, like resources you can hatch them on those four different time slots, 1 minute, 6 minutes, 30 minute and 1 hour. These buildings can be upgraded to produce more dinosaurs but cost resources to do so, so spend them wisely.

Once you’ve created a few dinosaurs you can send them into battle either offline or online using the Arena building or tapping the little red sword icon. There’s some extra areas and bosses to unlock in the offline mode and it becomes a great way of earning extra XP and even equipment by defeating the bosses again when they become available. Online fighting is a little different, you can buy a Stonehenge building which lowers the amount of casualties you receive so you’ll always have some dinosaurs back at base.

Unlocking buildings and extra dinosaurs is easy just keep plugging away at your XP bar and they will steadily become available. The only drawback to that is there can be quite a wait until you unlock your next dinosaur or be able to take advantage of a new building. This does hamper the fun slightly and it makes the gameplay a bit lengthier without any clear reward for doing so but if you keep revisiting your park you can almost side step this issue. You are also given quests/challenges by three tribe members that will appear on the left hand side of the screen. These will require certain objectives to be completed to collect the XP and/or some resources, you might have to make several hundred of the same dinosaur or build certain buildings. These are a great way of unlocking all that extra stuff just that little bit quicker.

You can also equip armour once you find it either in shops or in battle. Some pieces of armour come with special abilities that can add stats to certain dinosaurs or just adds extra stats to your life or strength. These slight statistical additions can change the tide of battle so think carefully about what you want to equip and what the negatives and positives would be to create that perfect fighting balance.

Dinosaur Wars is seriously addictive and you can play it offline without being connected to a server! If you aren’t creating an assortment of dinosaurs to fight for you, you’ll be organising your park and expanding it. You can play with your friends too through Facebook and fight against players online so really, it has a bit of everything and the best thing of all it’s free. Download it today!


Score: 3/5

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