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Review: Overwatch [PC]

Blizzard has added a funky new FPS shooter to their ranks in the form of Overwatch, so does this new-comer pack some serious weight like some of the other monster titles Blizzards has notched quite firmly on their belt, or is it overshadowed by the current leaders on the platform today.


First Impressions: Overwatch Open Beta

So, the new Overwatch Beta eh? Not a bad bit of jazzy FPS action! Let me take you through my first impressions when I played Blizzards shiny new FPS.


Review: Blood Knights

Blood knights is a third person hack and slash arcade game from Deck 13, set in the ancient times of vampire myth and holy knights. Alysa and Jeremy are bound by a sorcerer’s spell and have to work together to protect the blood seal and along the way, hack anything remotely evil into tiny pieces.


Review: Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a Sci-fi fighting game developed by Kung Fu Factory out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 which only features female playable characters… It seems it’s time for the girls to put on a show of strength and grit.


Review: Tomb Raider [2013]

Tomb Raider; for many, that name carries a storied legacy harking back to the early days of 3D gaming, but in the 2013 reboot from Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics, we get to visit Lara’s roots to discover how she became the hardy survivor we all know and love today.


Review: Bastion

  Unique is the first word that pops up in my head when I think about Bastion. This colourful example of creativity and ingenuity just grabs your eyes and holds them ransom until you’ve spent a good couple of hours playing through it.

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