Girl Fight is a Sci-fi fighting game developed by Kung Fu Factory out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 which only features female playable characters… It seems it’s time for the girls to put on a show of strength and grit! Don’t even begin to think these ladies are going to give you an easy ride, these are the most deadly Psionic powered female fighters you’ll get to pit your skills against.

With an organisation called The Foundation on the loose collecting the most powerful female fighters across the globe to study and test in a virtual world is only asking for trouble, so it’s up to you to fight and survive to make your way back home, back to reality. The character designs all have an unique flare to them but are still a tad generic when you take a closer look. You have your samurai, your insane and your brawlers, all of which are guessable from their appearances. With all the characters having their own fashion style still creates a likability to the roster though and the extra information from the testing logs and background stories gives these ladies a little more depth to their characters as you progress.


When you get to playing the game the combat seems a little on the bare side, it lacks interesting or intricate combos. The fighting system is solid and works it’s just not progressive enough to feel full and challenging. You can give the game hours of practice but still seem left pulling off the same combo or grabs which can leave you a little disheartened. The controls are simple enough to grasp, you have your punch and kick, and your block and grab. You also have two Psi abilities to use too, combat responds quickly to your button presses and seems to have no lag issues which creates smooth timely feel to the combat. That’s about it though, which leaves the game very empty.

The Psi abilities are a fun and interesting combat feature to incorporate into a fighting game, you can change your abilities and mix your favourites which is a nice section of freedom to play with in the game. This is why I liked Girl Fight when I first played it, you can literally become engulfed in flames and give your opponent a good ol’ battering. You can activate your Psi abilities once you’ve filled your Psi meter, you can do this by striking, blocking or countering your opponent. You get graded at the end of each fight scored on your Aggression, Resistance and Metaphysical performances too then you get awarded combits for your efforts which you also get from pulling of certain in combat challenges.


‘Combits’ are used to unlock background info on the characters, artwork and of course those cool sci-fi Psi abilities. This is something to do while you get through the linear combat but also gets boring fast as there’s not too much to gain once you’ve bought the higher tier Psi abilities.

In Arcade mode you start off with Warchild, you then work through the roster eliminating all challengers till you reach Chrome who only seems to fall for grabs then the final stage boss who’s only challenge is an ability to recover health constantly. Arcade mode is disappointing with a lack of storytelling for all of the characters as you progress, there’s just an narrator who offers help to get back to reality. You then unlock Chaos to play with after but nothing changes in the Arcade mode, there’s just another line up of fights to get through until you unlock your next character which was very disappointing.

Versus mode offers a bit more entertainment when you play with a friend but not an A.I player. The A.I. never seemed to block my grabs and as much as I wanted those combits, I’d rather have a bit of a challenge instead of an easy fight. In versus mode you get to pick from all of the characters featured in the game but once me and my versus partner had been through a few of the characters there wasn’t much else to keep us playing.

Review Summary

There’s so many great fighting games out there on the market already that it was always going to always be a hard fight for this game to stand out from the crowd. What is worth mentioning is Kung Fu Factory have created a glitch free fighting system in an arcade title along with a fun twist to the combat in the form of the Psi Abilities, however it gets boring and quick due to its lack of versatile characters and a basic combat system with little or no creativity when it comes to your move sets. It lacks a challenging mode to play too, offering a linear Arcade mode and empty online mode and nothing much after that.