Usagi Drop (or Bunny Drop in English) is an 11 episode long series filled with laughter, sadness and love.  People who like heart moving story lines should definitely give this a try.

The series starts with Daikichi Kawachi a middle age single man returns home to attend his Grandfather’s funeral.  Upon arrival he discovers a young blonde girl (Rin) which happens to be his Grandfather’s illegitimate six-year-old daughter by an unknown mother.  Due to this, the young girl is treated as an outcast and embarrassment to the family.  Due to this; no one is willing to look after Rin however Daikichi steps up and volunteers to look after her.


As Rin is staying with Daikichi, he’ll need go shopping for clothes and accessories for her.  Daikichi learns the difficult steps of parent-hood from buying clothes and finding a nursery for Rin to attend while he works.

In parallel Daikichi aims to finds out Rin’s mother through her birth book and track her down while looking after Rin. Through out the series their relationship develops and their bond is getting strong.  There are cute, adorable and funny scenes which are small but can make anyone laugh and have the feeling they wish they have that one day.  Even small tasks such as shopping can make anyone laugh.


Eventually Daikichi manages to find Rin’s mother however due to personal circumstances (mangaka) – she is unable to look after her but will support Daikichi when ever he needs it.  He oftens ends up asking her for help when he is unable to answer the questions from Rin.

As the situation gets tougher Daikichi also had to make some sacrifices to ensure he can support Rin which meant that he had to change departments where he was working from.  This upset his fellow colleagues however he knew that it was the best for Rin.

Rin's mother

Rin slowly gets the encouragement to bond with new people as well as Daikichi’s family.  It was a hard time for her as the negative attitude made it hard for Rin to be accepted by the family however with encouragement from Daikichi and a good telling off to the family.  It starts to get better for her.

Due to her maturity, she is seen to be quite intelligent and well manner where it comes to the point where she can tell off Daikichi or Kouki.  Kouki is Yukari’s son who is a divorced single mother who is in the same situation as Daikichi.  They help each other out and with this it makes it easier for both parent to take care of their child and perform their daily tasks.


With the series being 11 episodes long and the manga shows Rin grown up.  The story isn’t really complete, however don’t let this put you off the series.  It is definitely a series worth watching even though it’s slice of life however it is a normal story how between a middle age man looking after an adopted family member.  There is no special powers or weird stuff happening in it.  It’s just a normal story that some people in the world have experienced.



Review Summary

The series is a short heart warming story displaying how two characters develop their bond together as time progresses. Their journey may not be smooth at the beginning however in time trust and friendship grow as they gain support from family and friends. Some watching the series wish they had better parents or inspire them to be like Daikichi when they have kids but nether or less it is inspirational. This can be compared to a day to day life and it is very inspirational for any parent who is adopting a child.