Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally released in Japan on the PSP in March 2011 in Japan.  Fans all over the world have been waiting for a localization of this game and hope was slowly disappearing as time passed by.  Eventually an English patch was released by a fan translating group however that has been removed due to the news that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

Many people have questioned; Why a PSP game to PS4 and X1 and will the ported game be good?

Luckily before the release of Final Fantasy Type 0, at TGS we were able to play the game exclusively there for 15 minutes.



The demo consisted of 3 playable characters of Class Zero ;  Ace, Rem and Seven as they infiltrate a facility which deployed soldiers, golems, flying aircrafts and mechanical beasts.  First thing I noticed when I played the game is that the game it looked like a good re-master.  However due to the game being released on the PSP first, there are small hints of rough artwork however this is still in progress and anything can happen.  The camera was also a bit too quick at certain times and zoomed in way to close to the character at certain points which made it hard to play however I guess there should be a setting in the options to reduce the speed.

Looking at the gameplay for the new Final Fantasy XV and Type-0, I can see that they are using type-0’s style of game play in  FFXV.  Type 0 is a quick RPG game without the time limits (waiting gauge).  This makes the game more fast paced and involves the player to think on the spot such as soldiers on the top of the tower.  These soldiers can only be killed by a character who can attack far, in this demo it is Ace (the card throwing member).  While Rem and Seven is good at close range combat, it makes it easy for them to instant kill enemies based on the enemy’s attack animation.  During the attack animation a red marker will appear on the enemy which indicates if they are attacked, it will cause a lot of damage.  Red being instant kill and yellow being critical damage.

There are a few bugs and glitches which needs to be fixed such as Ace’s cards not hitting the enemy on the towers and camera speed being too quick though unsure if there is an option to fix that.

Type 0 will be a great introduction to FFXV and players who buy the first print of the game will also get an exclusive demo of FFXV to play which is a bonus for long waiting fans of Versus XIII (FFXV).

Final Fantasy type 0 will be releasing worldwide in March 2015 so look forward to play the game and FFXV demo!