Since Resident Evil 4, the series has slowly gone down hill.  Old school players who played the original resident evil series loved the horror aspect.  Does the new series go back to the original atmosphere and stray away from Resident evil 5/6?

Based on my play-through on the demo, I can see that they are trying to go back to the original Resident Evil atmosphere.  The demo starts of with Claire Redfield and Morita Burton trying to escape from a facility where they are held as captives.  A wrist band is also attached to them which cannot be removed as it will end up killing them.  The game involves you to work with the AI  to solve puzzles similar to resident evil 4/5 from what I’ve played, however I’m sure there will be online co-op for this as I can see this happening already.

A new feature I recognized was the dodge feature,  player now can dodge attacks which is a useful feature while doing Professional mode.  It will take some time to get used to it however it may introduce bigger waves of enemies.


Claire most people know uses Firearms such as pistols, shotgun etc however Morita in the demo refused to use any firearms however would use blunt weapons such as a crowbar which was strange but a nice concept.  Morita also carries a torch to aid Claire to solve puzzles and i guess to use in dark areas,  nothing has been hinted that Claire has any additional skills however I won’t be surprised if she has pick locking as one of her skills.  There are times where I had to play as Morita in order to solve puzzles such as using the torch to find keys or specific items to progress in the game which was a nice change instead of just playing as 1 character through out the game.

The sound and setting also makes the game more scary and the new enemies are more faster and frightening than resident evil 5 for sure.  Note I haven’t played Resident Evil 6 as I wasn’t convinced it would be a good game.

Overall, I believe that Resident Evil – Revelation 2 is going back to the original path which is a good sign for me.  Probably something I will pick up based on how the game is developed as it’s still early days as I haven’t been able to pick up what happens exactly in the story yet.