With less than a day until the biggest event on every gamer’s calender event starts tomorrow in LA. While there’s still some mystery to what will be shown, we’ve rounded up some of our predictions on what you might see over the next week of press events and announcements.



A new Halo game / remake 4
With Halo 5: Guardians already announced for a 2015 release, Microsoft will almost definitely have details on some stopgap Halo game to placate fans this year until the next main game in the new Reclaimer Saga. We think this will probably be another side game or the rumored remake of Halo 1-3 for the Xbox One.

New Gears of War game
Now that Microsoft wholly owns the Gears of War IP and have set up another studio to work on the series, we might get our first look at what will come next for Gears on the Xbox One. Will it still feature Marcus Fenix and crew or maybe focus on another set of characters? Or maybe even have you play as the locus for the entire game?

Some sort of Kinect news
Now that Xbox One consoles will soon be offered in a standalone bundle without the Kinect, Microsoft will need to have a segment to show that they are still committed to the Kinect device and games with updates on voice and body/face recognition. With customers finally able to decide not to have the Kinect with the Xbox one, they’ll need to make a big effort to give people reasons to hold on to their Kinect and for developers to continue planning developing with Kinect functionality.

Exclusive Call of Duty Advanced Warfare segment
As usual, another Call of Duty is in the works and it will most likely have a timed-exclusivity deal with Microsoft on content packs for the game. Expect another flashy trailer in standard CoD fashion, focusing on the story line. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Kevin Spacey to make an appearance and briefly talk about being happy to be in the game, how realistic the setting is, etc…

Several new Xbox One exclusive games from Japanese studios
Microsoft has recently had several Japanese studios announcing plans to support the Xbox one with exclusive games, with 5pb and several other studios planning to announce new games soon. We’ve still yet to see much of D4 from SWERY, which was one of the main titles announced last year, so hopefully we may see some interesting titles from Japanese devs this year.

Less TV, but still some TV
They may be trying to rework their message for the Xbox One and focus on games first, but the Xbox-exclusive TV and video content will still probably have some part of the press conference shining a spolight on the upcoming Halo TV series among the other video content.



Sony VR Headset (Project Morpheus)
It’s been making a few appearances in various places, including a live demo on a popular American talk show last week. The Project Morpheus headset will definitely be at e3, but may not have a lot of time in the press conference since that’s the kind of thing that’s better for people to experience up close and not on a stage or via a screen. It’s probably still too early for pricing or release details, but we may see more news on developers working on content for the device.

Official PS4 and PS Vita Bundle Pack
The cat’s out of the bag on this one, since Amazon already has a listing up to preorder a bundle pack containing a PS4 and PS Vita Slim in a single box. This could be a great selling point for Sony as it would improve their vision they have been trying to get across to their consumers about remote play, cross play and cross buy functionality between the two platforms. Plus it would increase the number of sales of their Vita which is low compared to the 3DS.

More news about Playstation Now + perhaps Global Beta?
Playstation Now has been released in closed Beta for Playstation 3 owners and selected few for Playstation 4 in North America for a couple months now. I believe they will announce the time frame for when the service will go live in North America and perhaps give details on release or at least a beta for territories other than NA.

Some talk about the Vita selling strong this year and PS4
They will review their selling strength of the PS4 along with the Vita, most likely while making a subtle or not-so-subtle jab at Microsoft or Nintendo’s sales numbers as of late.

Gravity Rush 2
This one’s a bit of a long shot, but it would be great if Sony formally announced the sequel to the Vita exclusive, Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze in Japan). A teaser was released early this year, indicating that there’s something coming, maybe they’ll show it here and let people know that Sony are actually working on some 1st party Vita exclusives you’d want to play.

More details on The Order: 1886
Announced last year with a trailer of the game, I believe this year they should have a gameplay trailer. Probably released Late Winter or Early Spring, I doubt it will be summer.

More news about Capcom’s Deep down
With the game announced already for TGS to be playable. I’m sure this game will have some spot lights in E3. With the success of Dark Souls 2, will they be able to take on it? Just have to wait and see what goods they have bought into the game.

The Last Guardian will make an appearance
Almost 8 years later, perhaps it’s time that Sony bring out some news on the Team ICO game to prove that it’s still in development?

Assassins Creed games will show some light
Not just one, but two Assasin’s Creed games are currently in development, with one titled Assasin’s Creed ‘Unity’ and the other still unknown. There hasn’t been much news about it but this E3 Ubisoft will be sure to show off the next games in the series. It’s likely that this will follow the previous games and have exclusive content for Sony platforms, so expect to see some details about Unity and the mystery second game in the Sony conference and more detail in Ubisoft’s conference.

Tekken vs Street Fighter
Street Fighter vs Tekken was released 2 years ago with people still playing it. I believe now would be the perfect timing to release Tekken vs Street Fighter. This game will come out on Xbox 360 and PS3 however I have a hunch feeling it will be on the next gen consoles as well.

Uncharted 4 announcement
With a few people leaving Naughty Dog recently and making headlines, I’m sure there will be a new trailer and details on the upcoming Uncharted game for PS4 to show that it’s still in development and hasn’t been affected by changes in the studio. However I’m guessing the main character will be different for this next game in the series. There’s been no confirmation if Drake will return and nothing’s been heard from Nolan North about starring in the upcoming PS4 game either. Only time will tell it seems…



Details on a new Mario Game
A couple photos from the show floor have leaked showing a photo of a new ‘Mario maker’ game which hasn’t been announced so far, Nintendo will likely announce this during their E3 Nintendo Direct while having it playable at their booth.

A title and more news on that ‘yarn yoshi’ game
After being announced early last year, the new Yoshi platforming game for Wii U, with similar styling to Kirby’s Epic Yarn, hasn’t been seen much since then. Is E3 when we can expect to finally find out more about the game and when we can hope to play it? Hopefully it will turn out better than the recent Yoshi’s island sequel on the 3DS.

New Zelda announcement
The Wii U needs games and a new Zelda game would probably be the next major Nintendo mainstay to be brought to the Wii U now that Mario Kart has arrived. There probably won’t be a release date since they already have Hyrule Warriors coming out sometime this year and wouldn’t want to overshadow that release too much. A teaser trailer just confirming the existence of the game and maybe the title would probably be the most we would get for now.

Bravely Default 2 news (gameplay)
Some gameplay footage maybe for this game. The sequel has been announced already in the making. Most likely some footage of the game.

A release date for Bayonetta 2 (Finally)
It’s been teased since before the Wii U was out, it’s probably time they actually announce the release date for when we’ll be able to play the next Wii U title from Platinum games. It’s already had a publicly playable demo at events since last E3, so hopefully they’re getting close to getting it out the door.

3rd Party

Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within
With a release date of August 2014. I’m sure they will show off some more of this game in E3 to get horror game fans hyped for the game’s release this summer.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain details and release date
With Ground Zeroes released in March and Konami having several Podcasts and videos about Phantom Pain before E3 starts. Kojima will definitely be showing this and making a headline why we should look forward to this.

Beyond Good & Evil 2?
Rayman Origins and Legends did pretty well, maybe Ubisoft will let Michel Ancel get back to working on the new Beyond Good & Evil that’s been teased for years and years. One can only hope…

New Mirror’s Edge details
Announced at last years E3, Faith will be returning in a new Mirror’s Edge by Dice and EA. With Battlefield 4 still on fire for some people, and Dice vowing to continue to work on supporting that game and fixing bugs, hopefully the team working on Mirror’s Edge haven’t been affected too much. Hopefully we should see more details on the game, maybe even some actual gameplay footage and a release time frame, most likely sometime next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

New Deus Ex from Square-Enix
Square-Enix recently announced they won’t be showing FF15 or KH3 at e3 this year, but haven’t said they will be skipping E3 all together. With Hitman’s developer’s IO Interactive also stating the new hitman game won’t be there, perhaps Square-Enix will be attending to announce a new fully-fledged Deus Ex game for PC and consoles?

GTA5 remake for Xbox One and PS4
Lots of rumours flying around on this, I can see this happening and won’t be surprised if it does.

New Sports games
Every year, there’s new sports games out, a chunk of time will probably be dedicated to Madden and Fifa in EA’s press conference to detail new ways they make the grass look greener or the sweat on the players’ heads look shiner. This will probably be good point to plan your toilet break if you’re watching all of the press conferences back-to-back.

Some of these are almost certain, a few might be a bit far-fetched. Let’s see how close we get to being correct!