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Review: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Spanning several light novels and now onto it’s second anime series, Sword Art Online is a popular anime these days in Japan as well as in the west. It’s popularity even led to a PSP game, Sword Art Online – Infinity Moment, but this was never released outside of Japan.


Review: From The New World Part 1 & Part 2

“Shinsekai Yori” or “From The New World” is a true gem. I do warn you that it is not a light watch – there is plenty of gore and many upsetting themes within this.


Review: Arcana Famiglia Collection [DVD]

“Arcana Famiglia” is one of the few anime that manages to create a great first episode and produce excitement for the upcoming competition. Unfortunately the rest of the series lets the anime down.


Review: Mysterious Girl X

Once in a while, there will be an anime that comes and you wonder “That anime title looking interesting, I’ll give it a shot”.  Mysterious Girl X was a title that struck me when I first read it.


Review : Kamisama Kiss Collection

Kamisama Kiss, released in a DVD collection from MVM, is a romantic fantasy comedy with a heart of gold. The series follows a young girl called Nanami Momozono and her many mis adventures.


Review: Hakuoki Season 2: Record of the Jade Blood Collection

In Hakuōki : Record of the Jade Blood Collection, the boys are back and looking snazzier than ever, boo yah!. After a brief recap of previous events this season’s first episode – the Shinsengumi have escaped and sought refuge and a new HQ in Edo.

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