It is the month of March and the wait is nearly over for a new Final Fantasy game to hit store shelves around the world. Arriving on March 17th in North America, March 19th in Japan and March 20th in Europe, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be coming to current gen consoles. If you didn’t know there is something special about this new entry, Final Fantasy Type-0 is a HD port of a PSP game that came out exclusively in Japan, so this is the first time we will be getting a chance to play the game in the west and in high definition on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

It also comes packed with a demo of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, the next mainline entry title to the franchise! However, be sure to pre-order or buy the game Day 1 to ensure you get a first print copy of the game as the demo for Final Fantasy XV will only be packed exclusively with that run . After the first print run of Type-0 HD, the demo will not be obtainable in the future outside of that.


Final Fantasy Type-0 has been re-rendered for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in glorious high definition as it makes it debut in the west! It follows a class of 14 students with unique magical powers as they spring into action in a midst of a war with the empire. This entry is the first Final Fantasy to have a mature theme and have a true active time battle system. You will be surprised by the class members as they are truly unique in how they battle, none of them feel the same at all so there is a lot of diversity and strategy to the game in how you go about and tackle an enemy.

For party members you are able to have up to three active in battle but you can call upon any character from class zero when you get into a mission. Eidolon (Summons) are available to use but at the cost of a party member.  There is also an array of features in-game such as chocobo breeding, attend classes to get a little bit more personal with the cast and how they interact with each other, power up their magical abilities to a tower defence type mini-game. So chances are you will not be finding yourself getting bored at times as there is quite a lot of the others things to do in-game in your spare time when not out and about doing missions and leveling up.

The demo that is packed in with Final Fantasy Type-0 is a real treat for Final Fantasy fans as It is a game that we have all been waiting for since its reveal back in 2006 as an action RPG titled Versus XIII. Originally announced with Testuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts fame at the helm, It’s now known as Final Fantasy XV as of E3 2013, under direction of Hajime Tabata who has a good track record from making Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and and Type-0.

After so many years of waiting, it’s finally time to get a real feel of Final Fantasy XV and what direction they are taking with the series as they enter the next generation of gaming.  This demo features one large area to explore of the Duscae region an open plain full of wildlife such as Chocobos, Behemoths and more! You will traverse by foot but in the final game there will be other means of transport such as the car, Chocobo, trains and airships so do not think that these features are going to be missing from the game. You’ll also be able to see how the game will play with its current battle system in place and allowing you to use summons. However , magic will be a missing feature as the team haven’t gotten down the magic graphical style to a satisfactory level on their part, which is understandable and they just really wanted to show how summons work for us first. So, for me I am fine with this as I am really excited to see how you use summons in combat.You’ll also be able to level up the party to lv99 as well and hunt monsters just for fun in the demo.


The great thing about this is all that Hajime Tabata and team will be listening to feedback from the Episode Duscae demo so they can make the adjustments to the game for a more enjoyable experience in the final release. They’ve already proved this by listening to users online about the battle system a week and a half ago about the combat being somewhat slow when you are about to hit an enemy, so they decreased the delay of the hit stop for a more fluid and fast paced battle. There is a bevy of things to do in the upcoming demo and it even holds a surprise as there is a summon in the demo that has yet to be seen in the world!

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, be sure to get the demo with Type-0 later this month as this demo will not be released to the public elsewhere or after the first print copies of the game have gone.