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Manga Release Akira 4K on cinema!

In a age of the covid 19 pandemic hitting the UK by storm we at least have cinema to keep us entertained. MANGA have remastered sci fi cult classic Akira in 4K.


First Impressions: Disgaea 5 Complete [PC Demo]

Almost a year after Disgaea 5 Complete launched on the Nintendo Switch, and about 3 years after the original PS4 release, Disgaea 5 is almost ready for its PC launch next week.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – Interview with Yousuke Futami

At last month’s MCM event,¬†Aisha had a chance to talk to Yousuke Futami, the producer working on Little Witch Academia:¬†Chamber of Time from Bandai Namco to find out more about the upcoming title and what fans can expect from the first game based on the hit Trigger series.


MCM London Comic Con October 2017 Recap

This year’s London MCM Comic Con was the first after the announcement that MCM Comic Con had been acquired by ReedPOP, the group behind PAX, New York Comic-Con and more than a dozen other games, comics or other media related expos, conventions and events worldwide.

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MCM October 2017 Cosplay Gallery

During the Halloween weekend, there were thousands of great costumes and cosplayers at the London MCM Comic Con from all ranges of media, here’s a selection of the many different cosplayers we saw while at the event last weekend.

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Gallery: Games @ MCM Oct 2017

The gaming focused areas of the London MCM Comic Con has continued to become a bigger part of the event over the past few years l, and last month’s event was no exception.

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