About Parallax Play


First conceived in 2012, Parallax Play was started by an enthusiastic group of UK based gamers and their desire to make a place on-line where they can share their gaming insight with the world. With many gaming sites, they can sometimes overlook certain games or genres that we personally are very passionate about and we want to make sure that those games get their time in the spotlight.

At Parallax Play, we strive to be non-exclusive in deciding what games we cover in reviews, previews, news and other articles on the site. Whether it’s a triple-A big budget release, a short indie title for mobile, or even an on-line browser-based game, all games have the same chance to be featured here!

Thanks to our varied team of writers on Parallax Play, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of writing styles in our articles to prevent them from seeming overly-formulaic and let you get to know each author’s style and their individual gaming mantra.