Articles by Aisha


Review: Amnesia Collection

Amnesia follows the trend of short anti harem anime’s to hit the west by storm. This anime finished airing in Japan March 2013 and yet when I visited Japan October 2015 they had a whole section dedicated to the series in the official Tales of shop.


Review: Criminal Girls Invite Only !

NISA are well known for bringing an array of Japanese, niche games to Europe and America, with one of their latest offerings, ‘Criminal Girls Invite Only’ tantalising our senses with beautiful art and interesting concepts.


Review: Battle Princess of Arcadias

One day after much grinding in the netherworld of Disgaea, I found Plume a cameo DLC characters to add to the game. An energetic and beloved princess from an alternate world called the Schwert Kingdom, Plume displays amazing prowess in battle, and also commands armies.


Review: Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi

The Hakuoki game series by Idea Factory is a hugely popular franchise in Japan with currently 16 games on most consoles and now has a manga and anime series.


Aisha’s TGS 2014 Report

Battlefield After a grueling queue we were lead to a prison line up to have our photos with the the Battlefield tag and we walked into an empty room where we were explained our mission HOTWIRE. We were then shown live footage of the booth outside where actors resembling police were crouching behind a van.

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