Articles by Josiah


Bandai Namco announces PAC-MAN MUSEUM for PC and Consoles

With a legacy spanning several decades, PAC-MAN has featured in more than a few games over the years. In this latest collection, PAC-MAN MUSEUM+, 14 games from the PAC-MAN series have been brought together in one collection for modern consoles and PC.


Xbox Series X Mini Fridge launches in the UK

The boxy, angular shape of the Xbox Series X console has received a bit of criticism online since it’s announcement and launch, with some comparing its shape to that of a fridge and other bulky household appliances.


Gun Gun Pixies out now on Switch

Gun Gun Pixies, the Compile Heart / Shade third person shooter is finally out in the west on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe, with the PC release on Steam coming on the 1st of November.

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