Even when it has one foot in the grave, Club Nintendo still is brining new suprises to its members. Earlier today, made a signficant update to the Stars Catalogue, where members redeem their hard earned stars for various rewards, which have previously been exclusive physical goods like figures or soundtrack CDs. Now, those still using the service, who hasn’t already cashed in all of their remaining stars can redeem them for various downloadable games on the Wii U and 3DS, similar to what fans in North America have been able to do on Club Nintendo for a while.

Time to dig out your Club Nintendo codes!

Ranging from around 1000 to 7000+ stars, from today you can get a variety of eShop exclusive titles, virtual console games and even the original ambassador GBA games for 3DS, marking the first time anyone outside of the ambassador program is able to play GBA games on the 3DS. Probably added as a last hurrah for the service in its final few months of service, this update should give you something to spend your last stars on as well as a reason to dig out any unused club nintendo codes still around. From next month onwards, Club Nintendo codes won’t be included in subsequently released titles, like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse or Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.