In a age of the covid 19 pandemic hitting the UK by storm we at least have cinema to keep us entertained. MANGA have remastered sci fi cult classic Akira in 4K.

Akira is a futuristic anime set in 2019 (how ironic)where we begin following a bike gang ensuing a hot pursuit with rivals gang, the clowns. Leader Kaneda, dressed in iconic head to toe red biker suit with matching hover ish motor bike makes quite the impression. Each of his gang is highlighted by each individual fashion sense. His bestie Tetsuo is in white with minor members in a notable smart suit combo and brogues and one in a torn boiler suit.

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However, this isn’t just about gang warfare and 80’s slick fashion, we are faced with seams of terrorism, conspiracy and kind control which were popular themes in the 80’s. We are immersed in pop colours which Akira was originally famed for using more than the basic primary colours watching the fast action scenes of Kaneda causing trouble, motor cycle chases, Tetsuo’s delusions and old school gritty gore.

Looking at very touching subjects of abuse, neglect, abandonment and experiments, we watch children being used as weapons of mass destruction. Seeing this classic on big screen after so many years really was an eye opening experience, seeing the clean animation with any grainy residue removed, clear audio, it would be hard to tell this movie was from the movies if not for the iconic fashion. At one point Kaneda sported a pink polo shirt reminding me of Vegeta from Dragon Ballz’s leisure outfit.

This film would appeal to old school fans and offer a whole new experience on Imax especially to see it in all it’s glory. People new to Akira should watch it to see the title that really made the bridge from Japanese animation to international grounds. On screens from October 9th 2020. Akira originally was released in 1988 by Toho.