Later this month, Hyperdevotion Noire : Goddess Black Heart will be coming to PS Vita courtesy of Idea Factory International in North America & Europe. To give you a look at what you can be playing in a few weeks, IFI released several screenshots and videos from the English language version of the game.

This set of screenshots focus on the different status effects that your characters can get during a battle, such as Anxious, Petrified, Pixel, Four-Eyes, Tofu, & Zombie.

A couple of gameplay trailers also show lowee’s CPU, Blanc and one of the new characters, Estelle (representing the Dragon Quest series), performing their special moves. You also get to see how the Lily Boost can power up these characters by getting help from nearby team mates.

In a double dose of Neptunia info, some new screenshots from Neptunia U: Action Unleashed shows some of the dialogue & event scenes between the CPUs, CPU Candidates and the new characters, Dengekiko & Famitsu (both based on popular Japanese gaming magazines). There’s currently no formally announced release date other than ‘Summer 2015’ for Neptunia U, but several retailers are expecting it to come out in May this year.