Bandai Namco announces PAC-MAN MUSEUM for PC and Consoles

With a legacy spanning several decades, PAC-MAN has featured in more than a few games over the years. In this latest collection, PAC-MAN MUSEUM+, 14 games from the PAC-MAN series have been brought together in one collection for modern consoles and PC.


Xbox Series X Mini Fridge launches in the UK

The boxy, angular shape of the Xbox Series X console has received a bit of criticism online since it’s announcement and launch, with some comparing its shape to that of a fridge and other bulky household appliances.

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Manga Release Akira 4K on cinema!

In a age of the covid 19 pandemic hitting the UK by storm we at least have cinema to keep us entertained. MANGA have remastered sci fi cult classic Akira in 4K.


Gun Gun Pixies out now on Switch

Gun Gun Pixies, the Compile Heart / Shade third person shooter is finally out in the west on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe, with the PC release on Steam coming on the 1st of November.

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