Gat out of Hell carries on the Saints Row tradition of being absolutely mental, but sadly seems to fall short of its potential.  The story starts with an Ouija board session gone wrong at Kinzie’s birthday party on the spaceship.  The protagonist is kidnapped and dragged off to hell by Satan who, impressed with their badassery, wants them to marry his daughter Jezebel.  After some typical Jonny Gat style persuasion involving the board and a carefully aimed pistol, Jonny and Kinzie run into hell in order to save the Protagonist from their fate.


Upon arrival in hell, Gat and Kinzie come across old nemesis Dane Vogel, who has made quite a name for himself down below.  His business empire expanded profitably since his arrival in hell, and now hell itself has several shiny new Ultor skyscrapers.  After a few brief introductory missions from Dane , the player is then left to power their way through diversions in order to fill up Satan’s ‘Wrath’ meter.  From here on out it’s diversion time as you fulfil conditions and basically do one diversion after the next in order to get Satan’s attention.  There are no ‘proper’ missions per se, as your goal is to piss Satan off.  Anything goes; whether that be blowing up districts with an infernal tank, stealing his soul processing plants, or showing off by barnstorming under buildings and obstacles.  Along the way you meet allies such as Vlad the Impaler and William Shakespeare to teach you new skills and powers, much like in Saints Row IV.   These include ice beams and summoning minions to run after and explode into enemies, amongst others.  The glide skill has had an upgrade, as you’re lent Lucifer’s halo to allow you to fly around hell’s districts.  This is pretty basic at first, but as you collect orbs, you can level up your flight skills to have multiple boosts, better manoeuvres and faster speeds.


One thing I wished had been kept in Gat out of Hell are the shops.  Aside from a weapons vending machine, there are no shops to buy upgrades, or play dress up in.   This is a shame really, as the possibilities for saint and sinner styled costumes were amazing.  But nah, it’s default skin 01 for Gat and Kinzie.  At least the wings are nice and the guns are cool.  In Gat out of Hell you can choose to play as either Gat or Kinzie.  It’s really a shame that you have to choose though, as the other is then left twiddling their thumbs back at Dane’s office rather than joining you for the ride.



Review Summary

Although Gat out of Hell is fun, it feels like a lot more could have been done in terms of writing and story.  Although the mechanics are great and the story you do get it priceless (musical numbers I’m looking at you), a lot more could have been done with the material.  A few hours in, I felt like I was in Groundhog Day, rehashing missions from Saints Row past just in order to fill a meter.  Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell expansion pack is available now for purchase at all major local and online retailers.