Earlier today, Xseed annouced that they are bringing Senran Kagura 2 to america later this summer and now, Marvelous Europe have confirmed they’ll be handling the European and Australian release also in Summer 2015!
Marking the series’ return to the 3DS, it will also be the first Senran Kagura title to get a physical release in Europe since the original back on the 3DS in 2013.

Taking a slightly different approach in how the game will be distributed, Senran Kagura 2 : Deep Crimson, will come in several different physical packages, from just the game by itself, up to their super, special, ultimate editions, but all physical copies of the game will be sold directly from Marvelous Europe on http://senrankagura2.com/.


The top of the line edition, the Ultimate includes :
A physical copy of SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson
2 Disk Official soundtrack featuring selected music from SENRAN KAGURA 2:Deep Crimson
Exclusive Hanzo & Hebijo symbol stickers
Exclusive fold out poster
an exclusive oppai mouse mat (with 3D boobs!)
wall scroll
Shinobi Certificate,
all in a unique Shinobi Collector’s Edition box!
There’s also a version that is limited to the first 50 orders, which includes a Shinobi Certificate signed by Kenichiro Takaki, creator of the series.

The decision to sell the game directly to customers and skip retail is a bit of a surprise, considering the first game could be found on shelves in GAME stores across the country, even with it’s risqué box art, but this is actually a milestone it’s new publisher Marvelous Europe, as it’s their first physical release after previously only releasing games digitally.

————— Original Press Release Below —————-


Marvelous Europe initiates exclusive pre-order programme for limited edition skus and physical boxed copies of saucy Nintendo 3DS brawler

SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson

London, UK – 10th March, 2015 – Marvelous Europe is proud to announce that the hit ‘SENRAN KAGURA’ franchise will return to the Nintendo 3DS™ this summer with ‘SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson’. Fans can look forward to more fast-paced beat’em up fun with a host of eye-popping new features, returning character favourites, insane combo chains, hilarious cut-scenes and an abundance of tantalising action!

As a part of the launch, Marvelous Europe has today unveiled an exclusive pre-order website for those people who prefer to own their games physically. The publisher is offering various packages, including special limited edition skus which will be sold exclusively through Marvelous Europe’s dedicated site – SENRAN KAGURA 2 official site. That’s right, these will not be available in shops.

Ultimate Shinobi Collectors Edition
Recent European console releases from Marvelous, including Rune Factory 4, have been digital only, while American gamers have been able to secure physical and limited edition versions.

“We know from listening to our fans on Facebook, Twitter and on our forums, that, while many like downloadable games, a lot of them prefer physical product.” noted Jonathan Nevill, Marvelous Europe’s Product Manager.

Digital delivery has allowed Marvelous Europe to bring some interesting and unique titles to the west; games that might not otherwise see a retail release. Franchises like SENRAN KAGURA sell to a really dedicated hardcore audience, typically big fans of Japanese culture, many of whom value the collectability and tactility of physical games and limited editions.

“Some of the more esoteric titles from Japan don’t necessarily sell in the numbers needed to make a big splash at retail,” commented Steven Tarry, Marketing Manager, “But actually, the fans of these games are exactly those who’d love not just a physical release, but a collectable limited edition too. We love digital because we love the direct relationship it gives us with our customers, and we want to deepen that direct relationship with physical products too.”

About SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson

SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson is the western title for ‘SENRAN KAGURA 2: Shinku’ as released in Japan, August 2014. This new game continues directly from the events of SENRAN KAGURA Burst – and closely follows the story and rivalries of the Hanzo & Hebijo Academies.


Pair Battles – For the first time ever, two shinobi warriors from opposing academies must fight together, and the dual character combo system allows for spectacular and devastating joint attacks.

Improved graphics and stellar audio -The graphical improvement from ‘Burst’ is dramatic, with full 3D environments, improved animations and a better framerate! This is combined with original Japanese voice-overs to create a gorgeous experience all-round.

Local & Nintendo WiFi Co-op mode – For the first time in the series, two players will be able to join forces and play the story or special missions together via ad hoc multiplayer or online.

Improved Dressing Room – The dressing room is stocked with hundreds of items, and this time up to two shinobi can be present in the dressing room at once! Also, for the very first time in the series you can pose the girls in a variety of positions, and even pose them in real life environments using the Nintendo 3DS’ built-in camera!

SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson is developed by Tamsoft together with Marvelous Inc. of Japan for the Nintendo 3DS system. In Europe the game will be published by Marvelous Europe in Summer 2015. XSEED Games will be publishing the title in North America in the same release window as a digital release via the Nintendo eShop as well as in a limited run “Double D” retail release which will include a two-disc soundtrack. For more information on the North American release, please visit Xseed Games Official Website.