We had a look at the latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise last year, back at TGS and had  a great time with what we saw on show. Since then, the game has come out in Japan followed by a North American release shortly afterwards by Aksys Games. After a few months of no details on the fate of the EU release, it looks like both the PS3 and PS4 versions are finally preparing to make their way to Europe according to the latest info from PEGI.

In a recent update, two new listings for Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- have shown up on PEGI’s site, indicating that the PS3 & PS4 versions have successfully been rated for European release.




While the smart money would have been on PQube or Ark System Works Europe to publish the game  as they’ve handled the European releases of recent Blazblue and Guilty Gear games, it appears that Sony will be the ones bringing Xrd over as they are currently listed as the publisher for both the PS3 & PS4 versions. Hopefully more info should come to light soon about when we can expect to buy Xrd over here. Although, since both the PS3 & PS4 are region free, the fact that it hasn’t been released over here yet probably hasn’t deterred the more dedicated fans from simply importing a copy to pop into their consoles (or even just download it via a US PSN account).

via PEGI